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About me

Hello. I'm Annie Ridout.

Author, journalist, poet and coach.

I’ve had three non-fiction books published (Raise your SQ, Shy and The Freelance Mum).

And I’ve written for the Guardian, the Observer, Forbes, Grazia, Red Magazine, Stylist, Metro, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Evening Standard and more.

As a ghostwriter, I interview celebrities about their lives and help to write their non-fiction books.

I also run an online course and coaching business, and I love teaching other women how to launch and grow their own businesses/creative practice.

My Substack

On Substack, I’m completely free to write what I fancy, which I love. No pitching, waiting for a commission and keeping an editor happy.

So each week, I send out:

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What people say about me

My writing has been described as "calm, clear, comforting and hopeful". And I've been described as "clever. But not too clever". So it'll never go over your head.

But it will get you thinking and doing.

I was delighted to be named as one of Substack’s ‘Featured Publications’ for 2023.

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Back to the bio…

As a journalist, I've written for the Guardian, the Observer, Forbes, Grazia, Red Magazine, Stylist, Metro, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Evening Standard, Refinery29, You Magazine, Women's Health, iNews and more.

And I've been interviewed on BBC Woman's Hour, on a panel at Stylist Live, on the Sunday Times Style Secrets of the Side Hustle podcast, on Gaby Roslin's BBC Radio London show, The Jeremy Vine Show and for the Independent.

I’m also a trained and experienced life coach and on the coaching side of my career, I’ve been featured in Psychologies, the Independent, Women’s Health, Femail and Forbes, as well as dozens of podcasts.

My non-fiction books and poetry

As an author, I’ve had three books published. I was the ghostwriter for a fourth and fifth, plus there’s a sixth in the pipeline, as well as a new non-fiction book.

My books

My latest book - Raise Your SQ: Transform your life with Spiritual Intelligence (Radar, 2023) - is full of tips, rituals, spiritual practices and coaching exercises that will help you to improve your life. I share my own spiritual journey, and interview leading figures to ask about theirs.

Before that, I wrote Shy: How being quiet can lead to success (4th Estate, 2021). This book - part-memoir, part research - reframes shyness as an attribute, rather than a flaw that needs fixing. It has helped thousands of people to embrace this personality trait.

My first book - The Freelance Mum: a flexible guide for better work-life balance (4th Estate, 2019) - is a guide to setting up as a freelancer after having a baby. Again, it's part-memoir, and is packed with tips for setting up as a freelancer/small business owner.


I'm a poet, as well. Two of my poems have gone viral - 'I've just had a baby' and 'what I want', after being shared by thousands of women around the world, including Paloma Faith and Busy Philipps.

I turned them into prints and books, which sold globally - across Europe, the US, Australia, Canada.

Behind the career…


I was born and raised in north London, have lived in Somerset (twice) and Liverpool, Brighton and east London, and I’ve travelled the world.

But now I’m back in north London with my husband (part-time) and our three children (full-time).

I play the piano, guitar and handpan and compose my own music.

You can find me on Instagram: @annieridout and (very occasionally) Twitter: @annieridout.

Why is there a paywall on some of the articles?

Well, instead of pitching all my best ideas to write up as articles for newspapers and magazines, I now share them here. It means I can cover the issues that don’t get picked up because advertisers won’t be happy. It means I can write freely.

This is my main business now (alongside writing non-fiction books and ghostwriting). It’s where I can share my writing and coaching with other women (and men) who are curious and like to be inspired. And it’s priced to make both accessible.

So if you’re able to spare a few pounds a month, I can continue to save my best ideas for you.

Whether you stay as a free subscriber, or contribute monthly/yearly, I’m very grateful to have you here.

Thank you.

Annie x

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I'm a non-fiction author (Raise your SQ, Shy, The Freelance Mum), a journalist for nationals and women's magazines, a sometimes-viral poet, a ghostwriter for celebrities and a certified life coach.