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Why is it called ‘Thoughtful’?

‘Thoughtful’ has two meanings.

It can mean…

1. Showing considerations for others.

2. Absorbed in or involving thought.

And it is the second meaning I was ‘thinking’ about when I decided to name my Substack.

As a writer, with lots of ideas all the time, it can sometimes be hard to see what connects them all.

I know that it’s ‘me’, which is why I started my Substack under my own name.

And I know that on the ‘mission’ side of things, I want to help women to feel better in themselves.

But in terms of the content I create?

I think the term that encompasses it is ‘thoughtful’.

I spend a lot of time thinking.

Childhood shyness encouraged me to quietly observe my peers before I got involved.

The introverted part of me adores peace and quiet. Sitting alone, reading.

But I also love conversation.

As a journalist and coach, I’m endlessly fascinated by other people’s minds.

And what I’m driven to do, through my weekly Substack emails, is get others thinking.

My emails are hopeful but also very honest.

I write about the times I feel I’ve failed in some way; why my husband and I couldn’t work together; jealousy; ambition.

And then I share coaching exercises to help others work through the tricky bits (as I have/do) and elevate the lovely moments.

I’ve been described as ‘clever but not too clever’, which is now my USP as a writer. 

I teach new ideas, thoughtfully, but never in a way that will go over your head (because, fortunately, I’m not clever enough to do that).

A sweet friend recently said: ‘I’m always admiring how considered you are in your moments and language’.


I hope so.

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Annie x

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Annie Ridout

I'm the author of three non-fiction books, a journalist for nationals and women's magazines, a (sometimes viral) poet and a qualified life coach. My new book - Raise your SQ - is out now. It will honestly change your life for the better.