Annie Ridout
Annie Ridout
On leaving east London for Frome in Somerset: the pros, the cons

On leaving east London for Frome in Somerset: the pros, the cons

In this episode of Home, I'm sharing my own story: where I was born and raised, where I'm living now and how I flit between loving it and struggling to feel at home.

Just after the pandemic, we left London - where I was born and raised - to try life in the Somerset countryside, living on the edge of a small town called Frome.

At the time, I was homeschooling two of our three children and saw this as an adventure we were going on, thinking we’d probably return to London after a year or two.

But that’s not what happened.

Our children wanted to make friends and so they joined a local school, which meant they quickly settled into life in Somerset.

While I was struggling with the potential longevity of this ‘adventure’ we’d set out on, I found myself drawn to the garden, where I felt at peace.

I created a patch of wild meadow and now realise this might have been an attempt to lay literal roots that might then strengthen the metaphorical roots.

Now, I sometimes panic about not living in the city I consider ‘home’ - and raising my children there - but I also love the beautiful countryside life in Frome. The welcoming, creative community, the wonderful friends I’ve made and the lower cost of living.

So this is my story: of where Home used to be, where Home is now, what I find hard, what I love, what I’ve learned about ‘home’ being many different things - and what I see happening in the future…

Show notes:

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