Annie Ridout
Annie Ridout
I wanted stability. My mum announced we were going to Spain

I wanted stability. My mum announced we were going to Spain

In episode one of Home, I talk to writer and illustrator Java Bere about her nomadic childhood, how this shaped her life and about creating home through food and language. It’s quite a story.

I’ve launched a podcast called Home. About whether home is where we were raised, or where we are now and the part this plays in our identity.

Also, how to create a sense of 'belonging', wherever you live.

I came up with this idea after moving myself and struggling, sometimes, to feel at home in the new place.

But the interviews I’ve done already are helping me to understand that ‘home’ can be so many different things - people, place, cultural experiences, language, food.

These conversations are enlightening, heart-warming and reassuring. They are helping me to shape my own understanding of home and to feel more at ease.

I hope you’ll enjoy them, too.

I’ll be sharing one a week, on a Friday.

First up is an interview with the wonderful Java Bere.

It’s a truly inspiring tale of travelling, art and creativity, craving stability and then developing the travel ‘bug’ herself before settling in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.

It’s full of joy and beauty but it’s also deeply sad in one part, where Java talks about losing her baby daughter, Alma.

To listen to Java’s beautiful words and wisdom on being from multiple places and cultures and creating ‘home’ wherever she is, click the play button.

Thank you for your support.

Annie x

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