Annie Ridout
Annie Ridout
"I don't know where I come from, really"

"I don't know where I come from, really"

Writer Caro Giles on living in different places, as a child, moving to London after drama school and then heading up to Northumberland when she had her first baby.

In today’s episode of Home podcast, I’m speaking with Caro Giles.

Caro is a writer and mum-of-four, based in Northumberland. Her writing has appeared in various publications, she was named BBC Countryfile's ‘New Nature Writer of the Year’ in 2021 and she writes a regular column for Psychologies magazine. Caro’s beautiful debut book, Twelve Moons, was published by HarperNorth earlier this year.

In this episode of Home, Caro tells me about raising her four daughters as a single mother, losing herself behind the mask of motherhood, putting her children’s needs ahead of her own and also dreaming about a future where she gets to choose a base that gives her energy and the opportunity to meet new people.

I was particularly interested in Caro’s experience of home-educating three of her four daughters, as well as navigating the frustratingly complicated ‘system’ when you have neurodivergent children. We also spoke about the power of making online connections, when you’re limited in terms of how far you can travel.

This will be the final episode for 2023, and I’m planning on returning in the new year with more interviews from women around the globe, talking about where they live, why they live there and whether they feel at home.

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